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Compose, analyse & create better text with our Brainstorm AI Extension. Works within every browser you work with.

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AI in the heart of your story

As your writing assistant our goal is to use your time as it suits you best. Shape text to your liking, make it your own, and surprise yourself and others with Brainstorm's capabilities.

Save time to focus on impactful work

Write better content and streamline your writing process with our assistant. Use AI to help you write, so you can be more productive and focus on strategy & creative writing.

Integrated AI - available wherever you are

Get AI support & inspiration while you write in text input fields across the web - as you move between apps, social media, documents, messages & emails. Send generated text directly to your cursor.

Power up to improve your output

Let an AI editor rewrite, summarize and expand your writing to generate high-quality drafts, outlines, replies & revisions.

    • Let it tackle your first draft
    • Summarize large texts into shorter actionable items
    • Improve the quality and be consistent in tone & style across multiple pieces of content
    • Create content in 25 languages with 1 click
Get a draft in seconds with only a few words.
Condense large texts. Make them actionable.
(Auto) Complete text in a more natural way.
Correct spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes.
Quickly convert text in other languages.
Express the same idea in different words.

Next level inspiration. Create something new.

Send text commands - free style writing prompts and surprise yourself and others.

    • Find inspiration again and again
    • Generate ideas & brainstorm
    • Stay ahead of the game with angles you may never have considered otherwise

Who is Brainstorm AI a perfect fit for?



Improve writing, word choice and paraphrase long readings. Get feedback and the right inspiration to get that diploma!



Boost your creativity and upgrade your output. Create high quality content in minutes and save time for meaningful work.



Become more productive and share content as a team. Share content across teams. All within the safe environment of our Brainstorm servers.

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Ask AI to generate or edit your writing by selecting a command.

Three ways to discover the power of AI

Type // to ask AI to write for you and hit enter

Select the text you want AI support with. Choose your command.

Go with the text suggested and see for yourself...


No waiting list - no credit card needed

50.000 words
Generated & freestyle commands
Command history
Integrates in all browser editors
Email chat support
Dashboard to improve your writing

Unlock creativity and competitive advantage. Discover how to use AI in your workflow.


No waiting list - no credit card needed


Where can I use Brainstorm AI?

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Is my data and information kept private and secure when using the writing Brainstorm AI?

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